Helping businesses small to medium businesses remain in business through Debt Mediation/Restructuring and



All information will be held in the strictest confidence. A Senior Consultant will contact you to discuss your case privately.

Please note that we are not a law firm and do not render legal advice. If the services of an attorney are required, then only a law firm can provide such legal services. We are not a “debt settlement” firm and do not work with consumer debt.

Thank You!

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Confidential No-Cost Initial Consultation

A Senior Consultant and Client meet to review all facts regarding the debt origination.

Gallo Business Consulting then undertakes an analysis using our copyrighted system and will then contact the creditor on client's behalf.

Every endeavor is made to negotiate a settlement of a debt between 30-70% of the original debt.

Results or NO FEE! If we do not reach a restructured amount to your satisfaction, you pay nothing. We are paid on performance only. Our fees are based on a modest percentage of the money saved in the settlement.

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Grow Your Business

Gallo Business Consulting has access to multiple lending sources which can provide your business a much needed cash flow infusion.

Use those funds to shore up restructured debts (provided by Gallo Business Consulting), invest back into your business to allow you to remain competitive, expand, and most importantly; have peace of mind.

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Creditors have attorneys and collections agencies when there is a problem.

Who does the debtor have to represent them when there is a cash flow crunch?

Our Restructuring Consultants are specially trained in methods that have been proven work successfully, to both the creditor's and debtor's advantage, despite any antagonistic history.

We are able to save businesses, maintain their viability and keep them out of court and bankruptcy.